Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Captain Underpants

A bunch of small updates from me today.

First, thanks very much to everyone for your continued support and kind comments. It gives me strength when I'm down to know that I'm not alone.

Second, I've managed to find it within myself in these last few days to be as strong and as normal as possible considering the circumstances. I have a choice as to how I let the bump into my life. I can either let it rule me, or I can take joy from the here and now. Why would I want to spend my days moping around when there's so much to do and have fun with? I know that feeling can change, but for the moment, I'm going with it and it's working.

Third, I finally got around to ordering some more charms for my charm bracelet. I'm very excited and can't wait for them to come.

Fourth, I have a couple of product reviews lined up. Watch for them in the next few days.

Lastly, my underwear is finally getting baggy. Just thought I'd throw that out there as a random fact for the day :)


JessiesBlog said...

LOL @ your underwear comment! I'm so glad your back! I love reading your blog! you always manage to make me Laugh out Loud (Literally)...
Great attitude towards your bump... You are such an inspiration!
Whats this charm bracelet all about?
HAve a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Baggy underwear? Time for a shopping trip!