Friday, March 28, 2008

Dear scale,

Oh, how cute you are! You're old, decrepit, dirty around the edges, but you've still got that spark. You know, that special way of making me happy or sad. You even pulled a new trick out of the bag this morning. Oh, what a wonderful surprise that was to see such a low number. So surprising, my husband heard me yell, "Holy crap!" from the other room.

You were so convincing, I hopped back on a second later to confirm and...oh you sneaky minx showed me a regular number. And no matter how many times I hopped on and off, you kept showing me that regular number. Oh, how playful you are! What a tease!

Now cut it out.

kindest regards,
bunnies, and kittens,

Tiny "I weighed 140 lbs for a brief moment this morning" Trim


Lisa aka water_nymph said...


i love your writing style!

don't worry, 140 will be there again, this was just a "preview" :)


Froggie-George said...

Stupid scale! :) I would show it a lesson and put a watermelon on it and make it hold that weight for a week until the next WI...did you give it a kick? :)

Don't'll show that scale and go beyond 140!

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

140? Wow! You will be there soon. Don't worry.