Monday, March 10, 2008

I’m so behind

Sorry everyone. I'm still kicking. I'm really behind on posting a lot of things – Bootcamps and my most recent weigh-in for starts!

But I can breathe a bit easier now on the work front at least. I just finished with a particularly challenging job this afternoon. I still have lots of other projects on the go, but that one was a real monkey. I'm trying hard not to celebrate with a packet of Mini-Eggs. Oh you little sugar-coated temptations of bliss!

EDIT1: Okay, I've got the weigh-in posted. Now onto Bootcamps!
EDIT2: Bootcamp Day 13 is now ready.
EDIT3: Bootcamp Day 14 is also ready.
EDIT4: I'm on a roll. Bootcamp Day 15 is ready.
EDIT5: And finally, Bootcamp Day 16 is done.


JessiesBlog said...

woooohoooo your back!!!
.6 is nothin! just brush it off sistah!! Your doing just fine!
congrats on finishing up your project! mini egs sare the devil... mmmmmm they are so yummy! but so so bad!!
Hope you have a great day!
Sorry if I harrased you I was just worried!

Anonymous said...