Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BMI: Obese versus Overweight

I've been thinking a lot about my BMI these days. It's another figure that I keep an eye on, just like I do inches and pounds. I started out at 36.1 and have since dropped down to 31.7. A BMI above 30 means you are classed as "obese" (or a variant thereof depending on the chart*). It's not terrifically lovely to call oneself obese, but there you have it. A spade is a spade after all.

The reason why I've been thinking a lot about my BMI is because I'm getting close to dropping down into the next category – "overweight." Still, not a lovely descriptor, but I like it better than "obese" when thinking about myself. I'll need to be 169 lbs in order to cross the divide. I think I'll celebrate it with an Italian charm.

* The Heart and Stroke Foundation tactfully describes it as "Zone D"

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