Saturday, June 30, 2007

Twenty-first Weigh-in

Today's weigh-in is also known as "what. the. heck." Can you believe this? Not only am I down despite my sinful weekend, I'm down by 2.4 lbs. What the hay? I can't say that I understand it but boy will I take it! Likely I'll either stay the same or lose just a tich next week (or even gain a tich). That's what my body tends to do after a big loss. So maybe the piper will be paid next week?

Regardless, I'm happy with today's loss. Even though I'm not proud of myself for my indulgent vacation, I am proud of myself for getting right back on track and eating well this week. What's more important? That I slipped? Or that I slipped and picked myself up again?

I've finally put my 5 lb star on my bookmark and it looks good! I also received a special Weight Watchers reward for reaching the 25 lb mark. They've switched from giving out fridge magnets (thank goodness) and opted for...well...a washer? I guess? Take a gander and decide for yourself:

(it's hard to make out, but it says "25 lb")

My husband thinks it's a weight from a dumbbell but I'm not so sure. I'm still proud of it and have already put it on my Weight Watchers keychain.

And I guess this means it's officially charm shopping now! Yay! Oooh, what to get, what to get?


Jenera Healy said...

I am so excited for you! You've had so many accomplishments lately that it makes me all giddy for you! The clothes size dropping, the weight loss, everything. Keep up the fabulous work!

Heather said...

Good Job :) I'm at 24 lbs gone now and psyched to know I'll get another object for my keychain soon. I had to lose 23 lbs just to get the darned, so I got mine at my last wi.