Saturday, June 2, 2007

Seventeenth Weigh-in

I lost .6 lbs this week. Not surprising given the rather big losses I've been experiencing over the last few weeks. I'll take it any way I can get it though! You'll also notice that I've picked my official WW goal weight. I decided to go with 135 lbs as that's what's recommended as the maximum for my age. I'm hoping that during maintenance, I'll get down to 130 for my personal goal.

And at the meeting today, a lady made goal. It was so inspiring. She had lost over 80 lbs and she looked FANTASTIC. Tight healthy skin and everything. When I first saw her at the weigh-in counter I was wondering what she was doing at Weight Watchers. Well obviously she's been succeeding! It was so wonderful to see her achieve her goal.

The meeting topic was really good, too. It was about not accepting failure and persevering. Did you know that Sir Edmund Hillary failed at his first attempt to climb Mount Everest? Upon returning from this failed expedition, he vowed to try again. It was purported that he raised his fist to a picture of the mountain and declared,"You defeated me! But you won't defeat me again! Because you have grown all you can grow ... but I am still growing!"

Our meeting leader went on also to say that perseverance is going one more day longer than you thought you could go. One step farther up that mountain. She closed with this quote which I wrote down in order to share with you all:
When you fall flat on your face, you're actually moving forward."

After the laughter died down, I realized just how true this is. You only fall flat if you don't learn from your mistakes.

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