Sunday, June 17, 2007

I ordered it

Just so this day didn't go completely in the toilet, I wound up ordering a starter Italian charm bracelet and five charms. Four charms for each five pounds I've lost, and one charm for my 10% goal. It just didn't seem right to order the charm for the next five pounds until I'd truly lost it. As I'll be away on vacation towards the end of this week, it may not be for a few weeks until I've officially broken the 25 lb mark.

And now, I'm taking myself to the bathroom for some pampering. I have some new products to try out - a swanky razor and sassy shaving lotion for my legs, a tube of Olay Thermal Pedicure for my feet, scrubby gloves for my skin, and some Dove's ultra-moisturizing body wash. I also found my Weight Watchers magazine from last month so I'll actually get to finish reading it. Pampering is so very nice!

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