Tuesday, June 5, 2007

High Liner Garlic Dill Salmon = Meh

I made some of the new High Liner seasoned salmon fillets for dinner tonight. They looked promising - wild pacific salmon with a garlic dill rub and only 4 points each (189 Cal, 5g Fat, 1g Fibre). Cooking was easy, just pop it in the microwave and let it go for 6 minutes. Unfortunately, the resulting meal was rather on the side of bleh. The bit of sauce that accumulated while cooking was tasty but the salmon itself was soapy and like cardboard. Granted, I might've overcooked it, but even good salmon still tastes okay and not like soap even if it is overcooked - think a nice cut of steak cooked medium-well. Not as juicy as you'd like, but still good.

Neither my husband and I finished our fillets. Not surprising for my husband but entirely out of character for me. I love salmon so much that I'll even eat mediocre salmon. This salmon? Nope, couldn't handle it so into the garbage it went. If you also love salmon, my advice is to steer clear of this product.

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