Monday, June 25, 2007

Twentieth Weigh-in

I'd normally back-date this weigh-in so that it falls on the right day, but after my weekend of fun and frivolity, posting it today will put it into perspective.

I dropped by the Weight Watchers centre on Thursday last to get weighed before leaving for my trip. It was an afternoon weigh-in so I wasn't expecting much as it isn't my normal weigh-in day or time. The receptionist recorded a loss of .8 lbs which technically pops me over the 25 lbs lost mark. I asked that I get my Weight Watchers reward the following week at my regular meeting and she happily obliged, writing up a note for my file. She also gave me a 5 lb star for my bookmark.

However, after the weekend I just had, I'm pretty sure I've sunk back below that milestone! I haven't put the sticker on my bookmark yet; it's still sitting there on my log book beside my computer. I guess I just feel like I should truly earn the right to put that star on my bookmark - so I can honestly say those 25 lbs are gone forever!

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Jenera Healy said...

It takes a strong person to not jump right on claiming that loss. I know that I felt the same way with the massive loss from being sick. I don't really count it because I didn't lose it by myself. I won't really count it until I've lost it while being healthy.

But I have hope that at your next weigh in you'll be good to go!