Tuesday, April 10, 2007

7 inches I never want to see again

After that false start last week, I finally got weighed and measured at Curves last night. I'm happy to report that the lady who took my measurements was extremely nice. Beyond nice! I had to restrain myself from begging her on bended knee to transfer to our location. (Like the other nice lady from last week, she was only filling in until they find someone more permanent.)

At the end of my workout she gave me a printout of how I did for the last month. I waited till I got to the car to look at it. I was afraid I might start dancing or crying depending on the outcome. Fortunately, I need not have worried.

Since starting Curves, I've lost:
  • 7.25 inches
  • 8.50 pounds
  • 1.8% body fat
7.2 of those pounds was body fat. Wow. I literally have lost 7 sticks of butter!

I can't be more pleased. Between Weight Watchers and Curves I'm feeling really great and it's starting to show!

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Jenera Healy said...

You are a huge motivation and inspiration to me to keep plugging along despite all my setbacks. Congratulations on the wonderful losses!!!!