Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Curves Update – Sorta

Last night was my weigh-in and measurement day at Curves. I was really looking forward to it because I knew there'd be changes. It was just my luck that I'd get one of the sour puss employees of the sort that made me not want to go to Curves the last time I joined.

I "interrupted" her sweeping when I asked to be measured. It wasn't like I was rude or anything, I was standing at the counter waiting until she saw me. After I asked, she messed around with sweeping some more and then finally took me over to the measurement station. She took my measurements and was rather sloppy at it. She input my weight wrong into the log book (143.6 lbs; umm, hello? look at me!) so I had to correct her.

Once that was done, I went to get changed for my workout, anticipating the printout when I was done. To my dismay, she followed me in five minutes later and started loudly going on how my bust and waist measurements went up 5 inches and that wasn't good at all. She then pointedly asked if I was on my period and when I said I was just finishing she huffed and was like all "that would explain it" and made like it was my fault how she'd have to change my weigh-in date to next week. Only then did she finally realize that maybe she ought to tell me how my weight had gone down and that I was doing well.

That didn't last long though, and she went right back at harping on those 5 inches. Bah. I bit my tongue and nicely agreed with her even though I wanted to say that she didn't measure me as carefully as the nice lady did when I first joined!

So, I'll have to wait until next week to get my results. Bah. I do hope she isn't the new employee. The ones I have met have been absolutely fabulous. Nice girls who don't follow you around the circuit with the broom or get in your way while you're changing stations ¬_¬


Anonymous said...

Man ,
What a B****!!!
Did you complain? I sure hope you did!!
They should realize how important these things are to us.
Or at the very least be nice ,if only to hold on to her danm job!!!

Wheebs said...

What a bitch! You should definitely complain. If she doesn't want her job I'm sure some more considerate person will gladly take it!

TinyTrim said...

I'm just too wimpy some days. I decided to chalk it up to an employee having a bad day. If she continues to be like that, I think I might say something to the manager.

That is, unless she IS the manager? Yikes, wouldn't that be awful?

Thanks for the commiseration, btw. It was a rather big let-down after getting all excited and such.