Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ninth Weigh-in

I gotta say, I'm surprised at this week's weigh-in results! 2 lbs down! I've been awfully busy this week and had an unfortunate run-in with what I thought was a points-friendly sandwich at Tim Hortons. Combined with my burger and generally eating more than I usually do (but still under total points for the week), I didn't think my loss would be much, if any.

I mentioned it to the nice lady who weighed me in this morning and she said that sometimes our bodies start feeling deprived and feeding it more helps lose weight faster. Well don't that beat all! I'm going to try and match how many points I ate last week for this upcoming week and see how I do.

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Jenera Healy said...

I have this same issue when I plateau it seems all I want to do is eat and then what do you know, the pounds drop off again. Daniel says the same thing as the Curves lady, you have to kind of trick your body. So now I'm going to use the weekends as my 'free' days and see how that goes.