Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Day After

I like seeing new places, but I must admit...I love home so much better. Soft mattress, soft pillow and soft kitties to curl up with.

Today has been good as far as being perfectly on plan. It's amazing how easy it was to slip into it again. I think a few days of eating "out" food has helped me realize just how good homemade can be in terms of taste and health. I've had my milk, I've had my fruits, and I've had my water without fear of knowing where my next bathroom break was going to be. I also did my first 3-mile workout this morning to try and work off that awful Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich.

On plan and feeling good about it? Heck yeah! Starting to come down with a cold? Heck yeah.

Some friends came with us on our mini-trip and one of them brought a cold with her. Because friends share, she gave it to my husband and I. This will be interesting to see how I do "on plan" with a cold. Blech. Pass me the kleenex and the low-fat high-fibre chicken soup >_<

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