Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ahhh...MUCH better!

The last few times I went to Curves, the harpy woman who gave me so much grief earlier in the week was nowhere to be found. Instead, there's been a really great lady who would work on the machines with us, adjust the music volume, the fans, and was just generally friendly and great.

Unfortunately, I heard her talking with some of the other members and she's just filling in. Apparently, my Curves is short-staffed at the moment and they've been getting employees from other Curves around town to fill in. I'm hoping this means the sourpuss woman was just filling in, too.

At any rate, I gave myself a goal of getting 12 workouts in within a month's time period. I actually met that goal on Thursday night but today was the first day I could follow through on my reward. I ordered a pair of Gym Capris and an Aqua-coloured Synergy shirt from See Jane Run.

I can hardly wait!


Jenera Healy said...

Way to go!

Wheebs said...

Hopefully she's just filling it! Enjoy your rewards :D