Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Review: WATP Get Up and Get Started (1 mile walk)

Instead of going to Curves tonight, I tried the first workout from my new Walk Away the Pounds DVD set - Get Up and Get Started. I was very pleased to see that this video is of much higher calibre than the 30 Minute Walk DVD I recently bought.

The audio is superb and the workout is much more polished. Leslie Sansone is also toned down but she's still enthusiastic in a non-annoying way. The set looks modern as does all of her back-up walkers. She even included a token guy in the mix - an older fellow who looks rather out of place.

The music is less 80s (thank goodness) and made me want to move my legs more. Even still, it can't surpass the Turbo Jam style of music for groovy-ness.

The 1-mile walk itself is pretty low-key until the addition of weights a little ways in. The weights that Leslie uses are her own branded weighted ball thingies. (I don't have these so I just substituted my hand weights and it worked out just fine.) After you start lifting the weights for the upper-body movements, you really start to feel it in your muscles. It's harder than it looks.

However, even with the addition of the weights, I didn't find this workout to be very intense. I barely broke a sweat and was easily able to follow along. For those new to exercise, however, I think it'd be a great starting point. I'm going to try the 2-mile walk next as that looks to have a faster pace to it.

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