Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still sick :(

I'm still sick. This is a doozy of a whatever-it-is. I haven't been eating very regularly and it's been a struggle to get my healthy checks in. I'm trying my best though. At least I'm not eating all manner of bad stuff for me. I think the worst that I've eaten is some good ol' KD and a Kinder egg. It's strange how the cravings come out of the woodwork when you're sick.

I might use my "get out of weigh-in" pass this week. I imagine I've lost water weight because of this bug. It'll even out to be sure, but I don't want a huge loss this week accompanied by a huge gain the next. I'll see how I feel on Saturday. I may not be up to going to weigh-in anyways.

And lastly, the other thing on my mind is the 10k walk this Sunday. Wouldn't you figger it, me, the person who started this whole thing and managed to get five other people involved might be too weak to participate. Not to mention all these weeks of hard work training for it and I might not get the satisfaction of crossing the finish line. Bah :(

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