Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bootcamp: Day 14

There was no Bootcamp for me tonight. Instead, like the last minuter that I am, I bought an RRSP. For those visiting from beyond Canada, there's a flurry of RSP buying that happens in February. We do it so we don't have to give the government anymore income tax than is absolutely necessary.

Since I was so behind with everything, I was late phoning the bank and wound up with the last appointment they had. Which, unfortunately, coincided with tonight's Bootcamp. Boo. I like saving tax and all, but I'd much rather spend an evening being yelled at by a petite French dynamo in MEC spandex. But hey, I guess I should be happy and a little shocked that my bank was even open during the evening. Unheard of!

Play Along at Home: Since the RSP deadline is now over as of this writing, I guess it's a bit pointless for me to recommend buying one as part of playing along. But hey, better late than never. If you haven't thought about savings, maybe start today? Put a penny in your coin bank and tell 'em Tiny sent you.

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