Saturday, March 24, 2007

Review: Walk Away the Pounds 30 Minute Walk

I finally had a chance to try out my new Walk Away the Pounds 30 Minute Walk DVD earlier this week. Although it was not exactly what I expected, I did enjoy it.

The WATP series by Leslie Sansone is all about in-home walking. Basically, walking in place combined with knee lifts, side steps and arm movements. The video itself looks very dated. The set looks straight out of the 80s and Leslie's backup walkers looked very 90s. The mic quality on Leslie herself was also lacking. If the 2001 copyright date that came up during the credits is anything to go by, this video hasn't aged very well.

Regardless, I dove...or rather walked....right in. The movements started out slow, timed to some forgettable music. I'm thinking, "This'll be easy!" And then Leslie started adding in more moves and the pace kept increasing along with the music. Before long, I was sweating just as much as if I had been doing Turbo Jam. However, I wasn't frustrated at all because the moves came very easy to me and I found I could focus on the intensity rather than worrying about which body part goes where.

Leslie is very happy and enthusiastic. Some of her laughs made me cringe because they were loud and cackling but it's nothing a turn down of the volume couldn't fix. The backup walkers are a little forgettable and they seemed to get confused sometimes with Leslie's directions. It's not a polished workout per se, but I didn't mind.

The video is equivalent to one of her 2-mile walks and let me tell you, it's a long 2 miles! It was a lot harder than I thought but it was just as satisfying and fun as I hoped. I can hardly wait for the DVD set to arrive from Amazon!

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