Friday, May 18, 2007

Birthday wrap-up

Wow, what a day yesterday! I'm totally bushed this morning but I guess that's a sign of a most excellent birthday.

The birthday cake at the office didn't appear but that's only because the boss wasn't in and he wanted to be here for the cake. I don't quite understand that either. He's in today which means treats sometime this afternoon. Since it's not technically my birthday anymore, I don't feel quite as obligated to eat any of it.

Which is just as well because I kinda ate a lot of the wrong sort of things last night. I only just now finished journaling the damage. Most of it I can attribute to the fried rice. I knew it was a lot of points but I'd forgotten just how much "a lot" is, especially when eating 2 cups of it. The rest of the points went to eating part of a present my friend gave to me – a big box of Nutty Mac Whites. To my credit, I only had one and shared the rest out.

The rest of the evening I spent feeling too full and slightly yicky. It's amazing how rich high-fat food no longer sits easily in the stomach after a few months of eating really healthy.

Even still, I had a great time with everyone and I'm ready to start earning some more Activity Points. I'm going to need to as I only have 9 weekly allowance points left for this week!

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