Wednesday, May 30, 2007

10 Minute Flailing

Exercise in the last day or so hasn't gone well. Last night I was all set to go an hour on my exercise bike except the computer kept resetting on me. Five minutes in, blam, it resets. So I set it again and 10 minutes later, blam, it resets again. At this point I figure I've run down the batteries and so I went scrounging for new ones for about 15 minutes. I couldn't find any and wound up sitting on the couch in defeat for the rest of the evening watching a really bad movie on TV.

This morning, I tried again (my husband finally found the batteries) and was able to do a nice 30 minute ride. Afterwards, I thought I'd try out my new 10 Minute Solution DVD which arrived yesterday. Wow. To say that I totally sucked at it would be an understatement!

I picked the first workout in the list and it went well for the first few minutes. Shoulder-rolls and some Turbo Jam-esque standing moves. It's when the workout moved to the floor work that things went horribly wrong. The instructor is very lean and sinewy and she had some strange notion that an overweight gal like myself would be able to hold herself up with one arm while doing really difficult combos of push-ups, planks, single arm lifts and leg lifts. The push-ups I did OK with. But trying to support yourself at a 30-degree angle with one arm while lifting one leg? No way. My arm gave out before I could complete a single move. I gamely tried for 5 minutes before giving up completely on the whole thing.

Needless to say, I won't be doing that one again until I'm lighter and have some upper-body strength. Fortunately, there's 4 other workouts on the DVD. I previewed some of them while drinking my morning smoothie. They look a lot more doable than that first one. Let's hope so!

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