Monday, May 14, 2007

Was it worth it?

In the long run...probably not. But it's nice to know I can indulge in cravings on Weight Watchers as long as I'm accountable (and am good for 99% of the time!)

The craving of which I speak is popcorn. Specifically, movie theatre popcorn with butter. While salmon is without a doubt my Achilles heel, movie theatre popcorn is my Achilles elbow. And boy, did I indulge in it last night!

I ate an entire (small) bag of the stuff last night at a late movie. I knowingly took part in it, too. I earned 6 APs yesterday and I was bound and determined to use them and then some. When I got home and used Calorie King to look up the Nutritional Info, I wasn't really surprised at what I saw. Needless to say, it took a chunk out of my Weekly Allowance Points.

This morning, I'm a little "plugged up" and it seems too much of a coincidence. Fortunately, one bag of indulgence like this usually lasts me a few months or more. Ah well, here's to drinking water to get things moving again and to counteract water gain from all that sodium!

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Bi0nicw0man said...

I hear ya! Movie theatre popcorn actually calls my name. I can hear it!!!