Monday, May 28, 2007

Now what?

After the glow of accomplishment started to fade, I was left with a feeling of "now what?" Even though I know it's an expected emotion, I've been a bit mopey this weekend past. And I'll let you in on a little secret – Saturday, the day I achieved my 10% goal was the worst day of eating I've had since being on plan. How does this happen?

Well, not planning for one thing and not having a goal to focus on. I thought I'd coast this week on setting my next milestone, but after the near disaster of this weekend, I need to set one right now. 20 lbs worked well for me, so that will be the next target I will work towards. 164 lbs, here I come!


Jenera Healy said...

If I were you, after such an awesome achievement, tell yourself you are starting over. Start over at 0. This is good if you are having a problem getting over that hump, that plateau. Think of it as your zero point and go from there, setting a new goal.

I've done crappy this weekend as well since I'm still dealing with being sick. I'm still not quite able to eat though I'm keeping most things down now. Just start over tomorrow as a new day and forget about this weekends bump in the road.

Bi0nicw0man said...

I hear ya. I hit goal and immmediately lost my motivation to stay OP. Now I'm fighting that last 5 lbs again!!!

Good job starting over! You can do it!