Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sobering truth

Sometimes, at the height of our revelries, when our joy is at it's zenith, when all is most right with the world, the most unthinkable disasters descend upon us.” – from A Christmas Story

I wouldn't say "disaster" per se, but I am feeling rather dumpy this morning after seeing some pics my husband took last night when we were out at a dodgeball practice (don't ask). The high of having someone congratulate me on my weight loss so far is fading in the light of the sobering truth: I have a ways to go yet.

I know photographs lie and all that and I have come a long ways already. But I've got to keep focused and not get too cocky. The popcorn was a nice treat but I can't let that become the norm. Keep eating right and indulge only once in awhile!

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