Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Blowout averted

Last night was tough. I had just finished Curves and was feeling a bit down. Maybe it was because there's such a long road ahead, maybe it's because the Country music tape was playing during the workout circuit. Whatever it was, boy was I in need of some comfort food.

It seemed every where I went afterwards the smell of bbq'd or deep fried food was in the air. It was maddening. At the grocery store I almost bought ingredients for my favourite comfort food – chicken wings and shake n' bake. I felt very deprived.

But, I got through it without giving in, with the promise to myself that I would have those chicken wings later in the week as long as I planned for it. I wound up having a very excellent supper anyways, better than I anticipated. But, that's another post ;)

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Jenera Healy said...

Congrats on that victory! I have very weak moments like that as well and they are tough to make it through!