Friday, March 2, 2007

Joined Curves

I did it. I joined Curves tonight! I tried a new location as it's closer to home than the old one. I'm glad I did because it's VERY nice in there. They just finished renovating and it's got a really high-end decor feel to it; almost like a boutique gym!

The only downer is that I had to get weighed as part of the start-up process. According to their scale, I'm at 202 lbs! Blurgh. I can't deny that I'm a little disappointed in that but the stronger voice is prevailing. I've been doing Jane "evil ab" workouts this week and am likely retaining water. What's more important? The scale? Or the fact that I've been doing awesome?

Tiny Trim, my girl, you know I don't have to point out the right answer.

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