Saturday, March 10, 2007

Fifth Weigh-in

It appears my little hula-girl came across an alligator in the grass and had to take a few steps back. I'm "up" .8 lbs today. I was feeling rather blurgh about it despite all of my wonderful logic as to why it was okay. After my nap, I'm feeling better.

Here's why that alligator shouldn't bother my hula-girl:
  • I had a big loss last week. Averaging it out, it means I've lost 2lbs over two weeks. Whoo!
  • I started weight-training at Curves
  • I've been battling a minor cold
  • I've been meeting ALL of the healthy checks consistently this week; yes, even the fruits and veggies
  • I'm still on track with my 10 activity points per week
  • That pudding is still sitting on my desk at work
Go me. Go hula-girl!


Jenera Healy said...

An alligator, that's funny, lol.

Though the scale may not have moved, any type of weight training will definitely factor into that. Plus with having a cold, that's not to shabby. I was sick for several weeks and it seriously messed with me.

but congrats on keeping up the good habits-that's a big plus!

marie said...

that's a good way to put it! don't let the little (and really, that is very little) setbacks get you down. you're doing GREAT!