Monday, March 12, 2007

Mini-goal Monday

I'm on-track for meeting my mini-goal that I set last Monday – get 10 activity points each week for two weeks. One week down, one more to go!

Despite fighting this cold-like thing for the past few days, I'm not finding it hard. I even made a spreadsheet last night with my point break down to see where my activity was coming from. Interestingly enough I see my points from walking is slacking off. I gotta get on that if I'm to survive the 10k coming up! I'll post the graph later on tonight if I remember.

As for my reward, I'm starting to think I really need to get my WATP fix in or I'll wind up with a library of "as seen on TV" fitness videos by the time my order arrives from Amazon. So, I've decided to get the 30-minute WATP video from Future Shop on Saturday as my reward.

And, because it was a hard-won battle, I'm going to reward those 5lbs lost with some nice hand-lotion from the Body Shop.


Jenera Healy said...

What are these activity points you speak of? Is it something to do with Weight Watchers?


TinyTrim said...

Activity Points are indeed a Weight Watchers thing. They're based on the intensity and duration of your exercise as well as your weight. For example, walking at a low intensity for 20 minutes would give me 1 Activity Point.

Weight Watchers recommends that members build up to 28 activity points per week. Yikes!