Monday, March 26, 2007

Two months is a long time

I've been thinking about the last two months and how the time has flown and yet crawled at the same time. Along with that line of thought, I've been reflecting on my weight loss so far.

I won't pretend that losing slowly is an awesome fun-time feeling. It's disheartening. My mind casts ahead, doing mental calculations, and arrives at a date in the far far future when all the weight will be gone. "It'll take more than a year," that calculating mind of mine says. It's like I'm five years old again and a year was an unendurable eternity.

My logical mind can accept that it's going to take what it's going to take. It's my five year old self that I need to convince and to some degree, agree with.

In my almost two months on the plan, I've worked hard. It wasn't just following the plan or exercising more. There was more to it than that. Fighting emotions, cravings, being committed when everything else just wanted to let go. It was harder than I give myself credit for. And it's going to be just as hard in the months and yes, in the year, ahead.

So to my five-year old self, why yes, two months is a long time. What say we do something extra special when those two months are up?


Wheebs said...

A year does seem like a long time...but you don't have to wait until that year is up to see results :). Every small change and NSV in that time will make all the waiting leading up to it worth it :D.

Go get yourself a reward. You deserve it!

TinyTrim said...

Thanks, wheebs. That's an excellent way to think of it. It's funny how you can get so set in seeing things one way, you don't stop to think of how else to tackle it. Looking forward to NSVs is very inspiring!