Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bootcamp: Day 12

I was on my own tonight as Mr. Trim was still recovering from having all four wisdom teeth out. I didn't really want to go as work had been so stressful, but I knew I needed to. I was half hoping we'd do another round of ball kicking like on Tuesday so I could work out some frustration, hehe.

Instead, we did another fun warm-up game (I love these games) in an unused outdoor basketball court. Our instructor had laid down pieces of rope in a winding path. We had to walk along the rope, doing whatever she was doing up at the front of the line. So, lots of jumping, arm raises, skipping, etc.

Next we went for the run/walk. This time, I decided that by gum I was going to walk it. I'd been running every single night of the week and I was darned if I'd guilt myself into running more. I needn't have worried. Another participant guilted me into it. I'd been doing a great power walk when the girl ahead of me turned around and told me to keep up. What???

So, I mentally stuck my tongue out at her and started running. I passed her, all the other walkers, and caught up with the two other runners. And I kept with the runners for the rest of the run. Thbbbbbpt! Sometimes I think life would be easier if I weren't such a bull-headed Taurus, hee!

We also did something new with the wobble boards. We were each given a pair of boards. You stood on one and then placed the other one on the ground off to the side. Then you had to step over to the new board, stop, squat down and reach back to pick up the one you just stepped off of. Rinse and repeat for the length of a basketball court. There was a lot of giggling during this one.

The remainder of the class went by relatively quick (but not easy, again I was paired up with the instructor). At one point the subject of smoking body parts came up. Our instructor bemoaned the fact that the first place she starts steaming in cold weather is from her pelvic area. As it was a class of all women, that set off a lot of jokes about smoking crotches. Too funny!

Play Along at Home: If you can find one, try out a wobble board (also known as a balance board). They're deceptively simple looking but try doing a squat on one! Some beginner exercises can be found here and here.

Duration: 01:18, Calories: 542, HR Average: 72%

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