Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Can you believe it? It was a year ago today that I walked into my local Weight Watchers and said "I gotta lose me some weight!"

In that time I've come a long way. It's also hard to believe how quickly the time went. I remember when I was bugging out after only two months and thinking a year sounded like an eternity! But here I am, hopefully a bit wiser, and most definitely lighter.

Here are some of my favourite moments from the year past:

  • Feb 16 – I start to think exercise doesn't suck
  • Mar 13 – I eat all my veggies before dinner
  • Apr 29 – I walk a 10k and don't die
  • May 26 – I achieve my 10% goal
  • Jun 19 – Old tight clothes are fitting again
  • Jul 5 – I update my look and start to think I'm not half bad
  • Aug 1 – I no longer have to shop at plus-size stores
  • Sep 7 – I donate 28lbs of baggy clothing and go fall shopping
  • Oct 8 – I walk a half-marathon and don't die
  • Nov 22 – I discover cheese is only 1pt more on a Subway sub
  • Dec 1 – I get my 50lb charm
  • Jan 10 – My Curves report says I've lost 47.25" since Mar 07

Lastly, a special thanks goes out to you, my readers, who've suffered through my long-winded posts, supported me when I was down, and gave me high-fives when I succeeded.

Here's to continued success for one and all. If I can make it this far, anyone can :)


Julie said...

WOW, way to go!! You must be so proud!
Happy Anniversary!

JER29ELEVEN said...

You've had amazing accomplishments and terrific milestones on the program! Very happy for you! Happy Anniversary :P

Jenera said...


Tiffa said...

AWESOME! Congrats to you and you deserve a medal for sticking with it!

Ro said...

Congrats on soo much success this past year! That's great that you diarized your milestones - definitely something to look back on.

TinyTrim said...

Thank you very much everyone! I tried to visit everyone to leave a message conveying my gratefulness. If I missed you, please know that I hold your comments in my heart and am very appreciative of them. Consider my cockles warmed through and through :)