Monday, February 18, 2008

Wisdoms and Wendie

Just a quick update from me today. Mr. Trim had all four of his wisdom teeth out this morning and I'm home from work taking care of him. He's sitting on the couch right now watching what I've affectionately called his Alien Soap Opera.

I've decided to try the Wendie Plan for this week at least. I had a look over the Core material and saw that I'd need to get a lot more organized before starting it. Since this week is pretty much a wash with taking care of Mr. Trim, I thought I'd save myself the stress and do Wendie instead. In a week I'll see where I'm at.

Oh and thanks for the suggestions on doing Core using Flex principals. That makes awesome sense, you guys rock!

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Ro said...

Best wishes to Mr Trim for a speedy recovery :-)