Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tweaking Wendie

For anyone interested, I've finally added my Day 11 and 12 Bootcamp posts. Scroll down to see them.

In other news, my first week on Wendie went pretty good if not exactly on plan. I was bang on for every day except Friday. I was so stressed I could hardly eat. I didn't meet any of the healthy guidelines, let alone meet the point allowance for Wendie. That's okay, though. I got back on track on Saturday and now I'm looking ahead to this week to see what I can do different.

When I first started Wendie, I followed the points exactly as written - from Day 1 through till Day 7. However, I see now it doesn't work as well for me because of when my weigh-in is. So, I'm making a small change. Day 3 is now my Day 1, and the rest of the days flow from that in the same order as given on the plan. This puts my SHD as far as possible away from my weigh-in and ensures I don't have a high day right before it either. This is my new plan lest I lose it:
  • Day 1: 23 points
  • Day 2: 37 points (SHD)
  • Day 3: 22 points
  • Day 4: 26 points
  • Day 5: 24 points
  • Day 6: 22 points
  • Day 7: 27 points (weigh-in)


Jenera said...

I've had to tweak my 'off day' because at first it was Sunday but duh, my weigh in is Monday so that was not a good idea. So now my off day is Friday.

Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

Way to go! I admire your fight to get past this speed bump and stick to the Wendie plan. Good for you! Crossing my fingers for a great WI for you.

Take care!