Monday, February 4, 2008

If you can hold on...hold on

Yesterday was the last day of my beginner's spinning class. I'm already missing it! Which is a strange thing to say considering we did a full hour of spinning which was really tough at times. But the tunes were good and I dug in and found it within myself to keep going during the 80% tension portions, hehe.

Speaking of tunes, the song I've posted above was one that our instructor played. Aside from a very good biking song, I really like the lyrics. Especially the part that says "If you can hold on...hold on." Now I know this song is about something entirely different, but I like the meaning of that phrase. It applies to many things in my life. Weight loss for certain, and my battle with depression, too.

Holding on is hard. But you know what? The very act of holding on is sometimes the only thing preventing us from letting go.


Lisa aka water_nymph said...

how did you do that?? the song thing?

p.s. am still reading through your journal one day at a time lol!! it goes great with a cup of tea!


TinyTrim said...

Haha, that should be my tag phrase. TinyTrim...goes great with tea! Glad you're enjoying it though :)

As to the player, it's generated using a program called AudioRazor:

Unfortunately, the program costs money and the song must be hosted on the internet somewhere for it to work. (So it does require some sort of web hosting outside of blogger)

Fortunately, There are other ways to post music to Blogger. I found this article which might help:

TinyTrim said...

Sorry, that last URL got cut off for some reason, let's try again:

Just make sure you remove the character return :)

Shrunk said...

You are so right. Just keep holdin' on!