Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In case anyone is interested in the little reminder program I found, it's called Stickies and it's made by a chap in the UK. They work just like postit notes, except without the paper. You can set them on a recurring timer so they popup every day at the same time. That's a screenshot of my Beck ARC reminder – it pops up at 8:30a and 4:15p.

I can also see them being useful to remind you to drink your water, take your vitamin, or just get up and move around if you're stuck in a computer chair all day. The documentation is good, so it's an easy enough program to learn. You can even change the look of them with skins. Nifty!

EDIT: Did I say it was free? It's free. No strings attached!


JessiesBlog said...

thats really cool!
You should see my desk! pure stickies everywhere!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiny Trim,
Thanks for this program. I'm going to set up some reminders for myself.
I find Beck very challenging - makes me face up to the fact that to reach and maintain a healthy weight I will have to change my habits long term.
Plus I am the queen of skipping or ignoring steps - However Dr. Beck makes it clear that is sabotage - she is one step ahead!