Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Having fun with Wendie

I'm really loving the Wendie Plan. Which is funny because I didn't think it was anything more than reallocating my points. Pffft. What do I know? Because that's exactly why I'm loving it.

Normally I save up the majority for the weekend and don't spread them out very well. Which is really dumb when I think about it because my body needs fuel every day of the week and not just one or two days. Wendie gives me a plan to follow and I really like that.

Tomorrow is my Super High Day. I'm looking at the points and it's inconceivable to me to eat so much. Not that I'm not going to give it the ol' college try of course. But it's strange; I have no desire to spend them on junk. Heck, tonight I could've had any 4-point treat I wanted and instead turned down the pudding, the packaged treats, and any number of unhealthy things.

Yeah, I know. Who am I and what have I done with Tiny Trim???


Shrunk said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying Wendie! Have fun on that SHD tomorrow :O)

JessiesBlog said...

LOL Your soo funny!
The Wendie plan is Awesome!!
Good for you for staying strong and turning down the treats!!

Jenera said...

just another thing that shows you are making life changes instead of just dieting!

Also, I don't do WW but I have been doing something similar to this concept with my eating. Every couple of days I'll add a bit more calories to my day in order to kick my body in the head to burn the extra calories.

At first I didn't think it would work. But if I have one day where I go a little off plan (planned or not) the next couple of days I feel a little less hungry and I see results at the end of the week. This is especially true when I'm getting my exercise in like I should.

It seems a little backwards from what we think, right? But it's just like eating more to lose more-at least for me.