Monday, February 18, 2008

Ring Toss - Part II

Since switching my wedding rings to my right hand back in October, they haven't been so loose as to fall off. Not any more. A couple of days ago my engagement ring came off. I thought it was a fluke. It fell off again just now (as I was putting my new DDR mat away, but that's another story).

Fortunately, I felt it come off, but I think it's about time that I put both rings away in a safer place. I've come this far now and might as well wait until the end before I get them resized.

I can't help but feel I'm in the home stretch now :) :) :)

UPDATE: I've put my rings into the ring box I made for our wedding day eight years ago. I'm feeling naked and a bit weepy (sad and happy) without them. I'm thinking I might ask Mr. Trim for a special interim ring :)


Stacie's Wishful Shrinking said...

What an inspiration! I can't wait for that "home stretch" feeling!

JessiesBlog said...

What a great NSV!!!
and your post about the germ infected chocolates was hilarious!!! I'm literally LOL!!

LoserIrene said...

That's great!

I am excitedthat I can actually wear my rings again.

I am waiting for them to be too big. That will be a great non-scale victory.

momof2 said...

How exciting! You've had wonderful success in your journey and I can aspire to do the same! Definitely put your rings away. It will be a nice feeling of accomplishment once you get them sized smaller!

Jenera said...

I've had to take mine off for good about a week or so ago. But my hubby is darling and says it doesn't matter to him if I wear it or not because he KNOWS I want to wear it.

He has said he wants to buy me a new one but I want to wait a bit in case I lose more weight and therefor need a smaller one again.

Right now I'm just wearing an older ring that fits again that can substitute. I'm hoping to wear my original wedding set some day.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

those two rings are beautiful!!!!

~W~ said...

Beautiful rings and a great NSV.
Hope you will reach your target , resize them, and enjoy them again soon.

HappyBlogChick said...

Hooray for being in the home stretch!

I think a special interim ring is in order. :-)

Congrats on your success.

kimberley66ann said...

Woohooooo! You rock lady! I hope you have a warm sleeping is pretty darn cold out there.

eSpaces said...

those are gorgerous rings! I;m partial to the white-gold look myself.