Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bootcamp: Day 3

Last night's Bootcamp went much the same as the other two nights. Same sort of exercises, but different. It was held outdoors again and I'm beginning to think it isn't so much a scheduling conflict as it is a "let's make this a real Bootcamp by holding it outside in the bitter cold."

As with the other nights, we had to walk or run. This time we went much farther. I really surprised myself by running a good portion of it. And I think I surprised two girls who kept playing catch-up with me. The last time they caught up with me, I passed them again (while walking no less). I heard them muttering about it, so I broke into a run again and ran the rest of the way leaving them in my dust. It felt strange kicking butt in something I sucked at in school.

Another exercise we did was something I've seen on the Biggest Loser. One person runs while the other person holds them back with exercise cords. It's called a Chariot, teehee! We also had a go at skipping and doing squats on this novel bit of equipment called a wobble board. Take it from me, it's aptly named. And the last bit of fun we had was with something called the Pursuit of Happiness. Everyone stands in a line and starts running (or walking). The last person in the line has to run (or walk) to the front. Once they get to the front, the next person who is last in line does the same. Rinse and repeat! Kinda like a conveyor belt. I really liked it, but if there's a next time we do it, I'm joining the runners.

As usual, we ended the evening with yoga which I'm really enjoying. We did something new called an Eagle Pose which looks remarkably similar to when I have to go pee really bad.

This morning I don't hurt much at all. The right side of my bum is a tad sore as is my right arm. I wonder what I'm doing that my right side always hurts more? Regardless, I'm not hobbling like last week so it's a good thing!

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