Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fiftieth Weigh-in

Bye-bye Christmas! I'm down .6 lbs this week. While not as much as I would have hoped considering just how much torture exercise I've been putting myself through since the new year, it's still fabulous that I'm now back to where I started before the rumballs caught me. And it's rather apropos that it should happen on my fiftieth weigh-in, too, don't ya think? Now let's just hope that next week I'll finally break the barrier of 153.6!

I also went to Curves this morning and had to really scale back my normal workout due to post-Bootcamp pain. Thanks to the muscle diagram on the wall at the gym, I can now give a name to my pain. My triceps are killing me as are my adductors (see how smart I am?)

Today I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself. My husband is out all day and won't be back until late. Normally we go shopping, or go for a walk, or just hang together. Now that I'm on my own, what to do? The possibilities are endless!

I'm thinking I'll go for a walk despite the rain and my desire not to get wet. I would also like to spend some time in the kitchen and prepare some orange marinades to freeze for quick dinners. And maybe I'll finally get a chance to play some Wii and DS games that have been piling up for a few months now.

Well, whatever I decide to do, I do hope everyone else has a great weekend!


Shrunk said...

See ya Christmas Rumballs! Nice work :O)

jaxgirl said...

Buh bye Christmas baggage... hello hottie!
You're gonna fly by the 150's girl! Keep up with all that activity! You're motivating me to get up early and get at it tomorrow.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

Eatmas is over and you have kicked its evil to the curb!!

I'm loving reading about your activity it really encourages me to get up on my treadmill!!!

I miiiiss Curves i think!!

amma15 said...

that's great that you're getting back on track, so what'd you end up doing?

TinyTrim said...

Thanks very much everyone. "Eatmas" ehehehe, I love it!

Amma - I wound up being lazier than planned. I had a nice hot epsom salt bath, took a long nap, made myself a really nice salmon supper, and caught up on my blog reading. Laaaazzzzzy! But I think I needed that. My body was running out of steam, haha!