Friday, January 11, 2008

I wasn't crazy

Back in December at my husband's Christmas party, I mentioned how I felt a little like a bug under a microscope. Well guess what? I was right. There were other people who'd noticed I had lost weight.

My husband just emailed me a transcript of a conversation he had with a coworker today:

Coworker: You got your hair cut!

Husband: Yeah, I did. Y'know, it's funny that nobody noticed yesterday. My wife sez—


I mean, I saw her at the Christmas party, and I was all . . .


*looks away*

*looks back*

*hand on chin, squinting*

*finger on nose, thinking*

But, I mean, she looks just awesome! How . . . ?

Husband: She's lost, like, 50 lbs.

Coworker: I KNOW! It's amazing! She just, oh, I, you HAVE to tell her, 'cause she . . .

*does "We're not worthy" bowing motion*

She looks incredible, and it's really . . . it's a real inspiration.

I'd be lying if I said I don't have tears in my eyes. Like, wow. I feel absolutely blessed, humbled, and grateful beyond words for such lovely comments. I was feeling myself start to slip again today as post-New Year's motivation was waning, but this is better motivation than anything.

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Jenera said...

You definitely deserve the compliment! You are doing fabulous and your pics you post are showing it.