Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Welcome to the Blog

I added some new links in my list of blogs but thought they also deserved a special mention :)

Feel free to stop by their blogs and bring them a house-warming comment. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

Also, things are going well for me if a little busy. I had been breezing into the New Year with blissfully little to do at work. However, my project manager finally noticed and now I swear everyone in the office is coming up with things for me to work on. Gah!

Thank goodness I did a meal plan for this week. That's always where I fall down. If I don't plan and I get busy, I fly by the seat of my pants. This means lots of convenience foods and not enough healthy foods. But not this week! I have it planned out until Thursday. Tonight I was even able to try a new recipe (if I remember, I'll do a review later) and tomorrow I'll be using the crockpot for another new recipe. This is why planning is good.

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Shrunk said...

I just got a new crockpot, so I'll be trying out some recipes too in the next few days :O)