Friday, January 4, 2008

Facing the music

Well, it's time to face the music tomorrow at my weigh-in. Although I have another get-out-of-jail card, I'm not going to use it. My home scale shows that I'm back around where I started. But, even though I know it likes to round-down instead of up, I'm still going to face the consequences.

I've been mostly OP this week, but I had a little blip on New Year's Eve. I was doing soooo good. Until the alcohol came out. But...let's not talk about that. To compensate, I made sure to ramp up my exercise and eat within my daily allowance all week. As a gift, I gave all my weekly allowance points away to New Year's Eve. I hope it's grateful.

Today was especially hard eating. It was my Dad's birthday and he likes to go to a particular Chinese buffet. I made sure to do a workout in the morning and power walk on my lunch, but it didn't go too far at the buffet. But, I managed to make it through with some points left over and am now munching a small slice of whole grain bread as I type.

Hehe, together with my glass of water, I feel like a prisoner awaiting the executioner in the morning! But I say this lightheartedly. What will be, will be. Whatever the gain will be tomorrow, I'll be happy knowing that it could've been worse.

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Leslie said...

Good luck! Although sounds like you dont really need luck - you've been a good little weightwatcher and I doubt you'll be shocked at the number tomorrow.

And now that there are no more cute little holiday hurdles - you'll be down to goal in no time!! Cant wait to hear tomorrow!