Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Replacing junk with junk leads to more junk in the trunk

Last night as I was mowing down on a bit of portion-controlled chocolate for no other reason than I was bored, I realized that I had replaced the junk food I'd been eating during Christmas for more junk food. Just portion-controlled junk food like baked cheetos, 100-calorie packs of cookies, Slimfast bars, and other things like that.

Before Christmas, I was pretty good about limiting them. But since then, I stocked my cupboards with them and I keep eating them like they're free and safe foods. Nuh uh. They're not free and safe. It's still junk food and empty of nutrition. Once in a while is okay, but not if you're spending a good third of your points per day on them when you could be giving your body better nutrition.

So today and for the rest of the week, I'm going to limit myself to one of these foods a day. If I feel hungry or snackish, I'll grab yogurt, fruit, cheese, whole-grain bread etc. instead. No more junk in my trunk!


amma15 said...

you're right such food isn't free and safe. For me personally I actually don't like the way those things taste (reduced calorie reduced fat bla bla bla) so I would so much more enjoy a couple of bites of a really desert that I like.

You're doing great!

Dee said...

You're right, while they are easy & at least portion controlled, we could certainly be reaching for something with some nutritional value. I went grocery shopping today where I picked up some of the 100 cal packs, but I actually went back to the aisle & put them back.

kimberley66ann said...

Great way to make a plan! Hope your bootcamp was enjoyable.

Jenera said...

This is exactly why I don't let any type of stuff like this in my house. Otherwise I'd eat it. I make sure that some of my son's 'treats' are things I don't like so I don't get into them. It's tough though still trying to make good decisions.

Shrunk said...

I need to ditch the junk in my trunk too. I have way too many snacky type foods in a day.