Thursday, January 17, 2008

The new muscle in town

You know you've had a good workout when muscles you never knew you had knock on the door and say "Hi! Remember me? Of course you don't. I'm one of your upper abdominal muscles you've never used before." Like seriously. Who would've thought they'd put muscles there?

Last night I bought myself an exercise ball. This is the second time I've bought one. The first one I bought was too big for me, but I didn't realize it until it was too late to take back. This one is designed for my height and is a pretty blue. I'm also less afraid of it going kaplooowy with a big bang and flying latex shrapnel. I tried some of the moves we were shown at bootcamp with it. Hence the discovery of aforementioned abdominal muscles this morning in addition to all the other muscles that are still living it up at my post-bootcamp pain party.

My pledge to limit junk food is going well. I'm two days in and I'm proud to say that I've only eaten one "junk" snack per day. As an interesting side-effect, I managed to meet all of my healthy guidelines for the last two days. Normally I come close, but slack off in the veggie department. But, since I'm limiting the junk food, my snack food has become fruit. This is a good thing. I'm feeling much more in control.

And guess what? My home scale is finally showing me a number I haven't seen since Christmas happened. Here's hoping it keeps up for this week's official weigh-in. I am so ready to lose the last of this Christmas weight and get into some new numbers!

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