Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting 2008 off with a bang

There's nothing like starting off a new year with a great day! I had such a good day yesterday that I managed to jazz myself up again. The last time I felt this pumped was my last doctor's appointment when I was showered with kudos.

My husband made us a great breakfast (multigrain toast, poached egg, sliced orange and a glass of milk). I made a list of my 2008 goals (see below). I made a new chili recipe in the slow cooker. I got on my exercise bike (first time since September!) and went for 75 minutes. While pedaling, I also finally got around to reading my Prevention Magazine's Biggest Loser special edition. After that, I had a nice long bath with my favourite bath oil and a trashy romance novel. I even shaved my legs so that I can stare at them more at the gym. Dinner was finished by the time I got out and wow, was it ever good (I'll post a separate review of it later). And finally, we ended the evening by watching the new season of The Biggest Loser.

What a great day. And this morning my weight is down to a more respectable figure. I'm still up, but not as much as before. Whoo!

I almost forgot! I did something else yesterday that I'm very proud of. I threw out ALL of the Christmas treats. Every single last one of them. In the garbage and gone for good.

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Ro said...

Hey! I'm excited to hear you're going to try spinning too! I found out there's still some availability in the class I wanted so it looks like I'm going to do it...kinda nervous though cause I'm REALLY not an athlete...I hope I can survive the first class, eep! You'll have to keep me posted and let me know how the first one goes for u (mine starts on Jan 11).