Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fifty-first Weigh-in

Another tiddle this week. I'm down .2 lbs. Flargh! [insert random cussing and fist shaking here]

*deep breath*

Okay, it's out of my system. Repeat after me: it's muscle gain/water retention from exercising so much. The scale WILL catch up. What I'm doing now will reap fantastic rewards in the long run. It's not a race. Better a loss than a gain. This is just a small pebble that will be passed on the way up the mountain.


Ro said...

I'm SURE it's because of your exercise...keep it up and I bet you'll see some great results in the next couple weeks. If not on the scale, definitely in how your clothes fit.

Leanne said...

I know a loss is a loss but it is so hard to see "piddly" losses..

Chin up girl.. it will all balance out!

Jenera said...

I'm going to say it's the exercise!

I'm hoping for even a small loss like that this week after some of my trip ups and some body issues.

Keep up the good work! You amaze me with how much exercise you get in during the week-all while having fun!

TinyTrim said...

Thanks everyone for your support. I'm sure it's the exercise, too! It's gotta be. Otherwise, I hate thinking it's something out of my control, hehe!