Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bootcamp: Day 5

We were out in the cold again and I've lost any hope that we'll go back to the cushy warmth of the gym. Because of the cold snap, there were spots of ice everywhere. Fortunately, there was enough of an ice-free area where we could do the exercises without slipping. Interestingly enough, there were more than a few missing faces – seven in all.

The warmup game was volleyball played with a big exercise ball. As if that wasn't fun and challenging at the same time, my bitty blue exercise ball got drafted into the game so that there were two balls going. We lost the balls more than a few times over a fence. Heehee, it was like being in school again!

The run/walk was on a new, slightly longer route. I started out walking, but quickly realized I was the only one who was. So I ran. I ran the whole gosh-darned thing. I later worked it out to 2 kilometres. Not too shabby...though I suspect I'll pay for it tomorrow at the running clinic.

The rest of the night was as per normal. Hideously simple looking exercises that torture your muscles in new and varied ways.

I confess I wasn't looking forward to going back considering how difficult the last class was. But tonight went exceptionally well. Bootcamp is cold, dirty, and wet. I love it.

Play Along at Home: One of the exercises our instructor loves to torture us with is called the Boat Pose. It looks simple, but try holding it for one minute without collapsing. Check out About.com for a how-to video.


Jennifer said...

Wow, exercising outside in this weather? You're braver than I am! :0)

me.vs.simple.carbs@gmail.com said...

HI Tiny Trim,
I wanted to let you know I am enjoying reading your blog. I am reading your archives - its a year ago and you just bought your exer-cycle and new work-out clothes and are very close to your 10% (Yeah!). Thanks for writing your blog, I am finding it very inspirational, and its giving me lots of good ideas I can use for myself, for example the G-map pedometer - its going to inspire me to walk to work consistently.
I am just staring my journey at