Monday, January 7, 2008

Gym pants are pants in disguise

Why'd I think shopping for gym pants would be any easier than shopping for regular pants? Arrgh! It seems like all I did this weekend was try on badly fitting gym pants. But, I'm happy to say that I succeeded in the end.

But first, let me tell you about my Lululemon shopping trip. After a hassle finding a parking spot (half an hour, don't ask), my husband and I finally walked through the doors. And stepped into an alien landscape. Literally.

It was as if we were transported to some other planet that was filled with tall, athletic, good-looking, designer-wearing, organic-bottled-water-drinking creatures of (presumably) both sexes. I thought I must've wound up in Hollywood by mistake. And, as I stared up at all these beautiful people, all I could think of was "not gym class again!"

But, like many good ladies on the WW boards will tell you, only you can let yourself feel inferior. So, I sucked it up as best I could and tentatively wandered back to where the pants were. I made the mistake of checking the prices and my stingy little heart seized up even though I knew what to expect. My frugal self is deeply ingrained. I can suppress it mostly, but at seeing the physical price tag, it hit the emergency stop button and took over all motor functions. It tried to take me right out the door, but I managed to make a left and wound up at the discount rack instead.

I did try on a pair of pants from the rack, hoping that my bum would magically look awesome as I was assured it would. But alas, it looked bum. Covered in expensive fabric. *Sigh* Even $100 pants can't make my bum look anything more...or rather "less" than what it is.

After that, I scuttled out and sucked in the sweet air of the normal world. Wow. What an experience. It just goes to show that I'm not ready for it yet. But at least I gave it a try and am willing to try again. Just...closer to goal. And when my bum is a bit less...enthusiastic in the wide department.

But I hear you asking, but what about the pants? You said you were successful! Why yes, I did! After Lululemon, I wound up at SporkChek. I tried on a few pairs and came to the conclusion that athletic people are tall. Every single pair I tried on would need to be hemmed by 6 or more inches. Not that I don't mind hemming. Okay, I do mind hemming. But rather I'm not very good at it. And (stingy heart again) I don't really like paying for it.

I threw in the towel and headed straight to the computer and googled for petite athletic clothes. With two clicks, I was on L.L. Bean's site looking at a pair of relaxed-fit fitness pants that actually came in petite lengths. My frugal self gave me a high-five, so I took the chance and ordered them. They're also black and loose fitting so my bum will be happy, too. I also ordered a coolmax t-shirt. Both should hopefully be here by the beginning of February.

So in the end, I'm successful in that I bought some gym pants. Hopefully the gym pants themselves will be successful.

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Lisa said...

aww i'm sorry your venture into Lululemon did not go well!!

i have a few pairs of them (gifts, i assure you lol!) and i love each one.

when i pull them out of the wash i'll send you the info on the style they are..yes they needed to be hemmed, but lulu will do them for you for free:)

thanks for the kind words of support on my blog!