Saturday, January 5, 2008

Forty-eigth Weigh-in

Music faced. I'm up only .6 lbs. Yay! I'm so happy with myself that I faced it head on, did what I needed to do and have shed most of what I gained during the holidays. I'm even happier because my leader told us that the average North American gains between 8 and 10 lbs in December. I'm not in the national average. Whoo!

Today I've already been to Curves and am looking forward to a day of shopping. My Dad gave me a belated Christmas present of $100 last night and I'm looking forward to spending it on something health or fitness related. I already know I'll spend part of it on new gym pants, but I'm not sure what else. Maybe some resistance bands or a new scale. Or an armband for my iPod. Ooooh, decisions, decisions!


Ro said...

Congrats on the tiny gain, it sounds like your back on's to a great weigh-in next week!

Enjoy shopping today!

Leslie said...

congrats!!! KNEW it would good :)