Thursday, January 3, 2008

Review: Three Bean and Pork Slow Cooker Chili

I made a crockpot of this on New Year's day and boy is it ever gooooood! The recipe and a picture can be found by following this link:
I used center loin pork instead of tenderloin (which is rather expensive!). I also used a canned chipotle pepper instead of the jalapeño. In fact, I recommend chipotle pepper over jalapeño as it adds a lovely smokey flavour. As you only use one chipotle from a can, just freeze the leftovers in individual packets for the next time you make chili. Be sure to freeze some of the sauce, too!

Oh, and just be aware that prep time is rather long. Either prepare ingredients the night before if you don't have time in the morning or save making it for a weekend morning. Fortunately, the effort is well worth it as it also makes a LOT of chili. Be prepared to freeze some for lunches if you don't have a big family. Serving size is a little over 1 cup and it's very filling.

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Vanessa aka Wheebs said...

Thanks for sharing, that sounds awesome!